The Badger Caring Closet’s mission is to ease the financial burden of daily necessities such as clothing,  hygiene products and school supplies by providing them at no cost to students in need. 

The prevalence of financial instability among students on campus is a cause of urgent concern. There have been measures taken among the campus community to combat this financial insecurity such as the creation of a food pantry for students in need. The Open Seat is a service provided by Associated Students of Madison that provides a place for students to acquire food at no cost.  

It is clear that acquiring event the most basic essentials can be a constant battle for these students. In recognizing that difficulties to make ends meet beyond food items, The Badger Caring Closet seeks to provide other daily necessities.It is our hope that easing the financial burden of items such as clothing, hygiene products and school supplies will allow students to refocus on their education.

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